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We are installing a granite bar top in our new kitchen remodel and the question came up…how far can the granite overhang before it needs support?  We have a 2×6 wall below the bar top.  The bar top is 18″ wide and we plan on having a 1.5″ overhang on the short side.  Attention all […]

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In the last post (Kitchen Remodel Checklist, Part I) we talked about all the necessary steps to tackle before you start demolition/construction of your new kitchen remodel.  Here we will discuss demolition, construction, scheduling, and how to minimize the affects of construction on the rest of your home. Demolition: Once we have our materials, we […]

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I am about to finish up a kitchen remodel in my own home so I thought I would share my checklist with you while it’s fresh on my mind.  Anyone can take charge of their own kitchen remodel as an owner-builder.  You will just need to be thorough in your planning and follow my checklist […]

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