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Mirror Molding…in 45 Minutes

Mirror Molding

DIY mirror molding for bath renovation is easy with a product called Mirrorscapes by Moen. Your bathroom can be completely transformed in 45 minutes by virtually anyone that can follow simple directions. Your vanity mirror takes up a big portion of the wall space in your bathroom. So if you can upgrade your mirror, you can easily complete your bath renovation.  Here at Armchair Builder, we typically focus on managing…not doing.  But because this project is so easy to do, we recommend doing it yourself.  After all, in the time it takes to find and hire a contractor to install the mirror molding…you can complete the install.

The easiest way to turn your boring rectangular mirror into a high quality piece of furniture is to apply mirror molding. Sure, you could remove the old mirror, repair the drywall, paint and then buy and install a new framed mirror…but this takes time and money. And we prefer to recycle the existing mirror to keep it out of the landfill.

So, we have two options to install mirror molding to our existing bathroom mirror. First, we could come up with a design, buy the wood and paint, hire a trim carpenter and painter, and apply custom wood mirror molding. But that also takes time and money.

Mirrorscapes Mirror Molding

Why would we go through all that trouble when we can complete our bath renovation in 45 minutes by installing mirror molding with the Mirrorscapes product? Watch our latest video, Mirror Molding: The 45 Minute Bath Renovation, as we transform our boring old bath by applying mirror molding to our plain, old rectangular mirror. A bath renovation in 45 minutes? Yes…check out our video for step by step mirror molding installation.  We would like to thank the folks at Moen for providing us with a free Mirrorscapes kit to review and show you how it’s installed. (By the way…we weren’t compensated for this review)

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