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Successful Owner-Builder Story

I saw this owner-builder story, How I Built My Own House – Without a Mortgage,  and couldn’t help but share it with you.  Ian’s example of an owner taking charge and building his own home is somewhat extreme but successful nonetheless.  He actually completed a good portion of the work himself which compounded his savings.  Ian built the exact home he wanted with all the green, low-cost features he desired and finished without a mortgage!

I particularly liked one thing that Ian said in the article.   He said, “If you’re considering doing something like this, I’d like to offer a couple quick tips from my experience.  Just as a good financial decision now can have magnified implications down the road, time spent planning a house can prevent huge problems in construction.”  No doubt.  An organized owner-built project is a quick and painless one.  So make sure you do plenty of work upfront and your schedule will move quickly with the result being a quality home built to your specifications.

Many of us can appreciate Ian’s attitude toward money…If you spend less, you need less.  The money Ian saved, coupled with his frugal ways, will allow him to retire at the age of 30.

For more ways to properly plan your next building project check out this video on scheduling.

Planning is Key to a Successful Project

Planning is Key to a Successful Project

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