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General Contract Your Own Home

Can You General Contract Your Own Home

If you’ve spent any time here at you know that it’s totally possible to general contract your own home.  There is plenty of support here and elsewhere on the internet to help you make it happen.  But it does take a serious commitment in both time and effort to create a successful project.  So in order to help you decide whether or not the hassle is worth it, let’s take a look at some of the big benefits.

Put Money in Your Pocket

A lot of people are trying to find ways to get ahead.  The past few years have been tough for families who are struggling to provide a great place to raise kids or start a family.  And the people I know aren’t afraid of working a little harder to get what they want.  This could be your chance.  Whether you want to build a new home from the ground up or remodel your existing place, when you general contract your own home you can save serious dough.  I should know, I am a general contractor.  I’m telling you this because you should know all of your options prior to making a decision.  So how much can you save?  The general contractor fee (including overhead costs and gross profit) saved will be anywhere from fifteen to twenty-five percent.  Add on top of that any physical labor you and your friends take on and your savings really can add up.  Some owner builders have stated they have saved in the forty percent range on their project.  Should you expect this big of a savings…probably not.  But is it possible?  Yes.

I want what I want & Nothing Else Will Do

If you’ve ever built a new home with a builder, you may be aware of some of the possible limitations.  Quite a few of the builders out there have become efficient by limiting the number of options they provide.  What does this mean?  There is a good chance you will be limited by the following items when working with a full service builder…

  • House Plans – Many builders only offer a handful of possible plans to choose from.  A new home development may only offer five or six different plans.
  • Products – From lighting to flooring to cabinets, professional builders become efficient creating contracts with suppliers to save an additional percentage based on volume.  These contracts will limit your ability to choose exactly what goes into the home.  In fact, some of these buyers tear apart the home after closing to get what they want.
  • Location – Many builders only build within their own communities.  This allows them to maximize efficiency of their staff.  Unfortunately, they don’t always pass the savings on to you.

Let Me Do My Own Painting Please

Are you thinking about doing some of the actual physical labor on your new home to save money?  If so, you probably should general contact your own home.  Most builders won’t allow you to do the work or even allow you to choose who does the work.  Maybe your friend is a plumber by trade and you want him to work on your dream home.  Builders typically won’t allow this due to loss of control and because of ongoing vendor relationships.

Check it out, I built this Place!

Remember that last project you took on at home?  Maybe a bookcase or finished basement?  I bet you still talk about how you did it.  These projects can really give you a sense of pride.  Personally, I love to see one of my quality projects completed.  No matter how big or small the project, it’s great to say, “I did that.”

You Really Can General Contract Your Own Home

It’s totally possible to general contract your own home.  No, you don’t need a license.  Is it going to be easy?  No, but most worthwhile things in life aren’t.  This project is not for everyone.  But for those that are up for the challenge, the rewards are big.  If you would like access to pro builder tools to general contract your own home, stop by our e-Store.  Also be sure to checkout all of our articles and videos dedicated to helping you make it happen.

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