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Premanufactured Wall Panels

Wall Panels

Building a home from the ground up takes an enormous amount of labor hours.  From the initial planning to the final paint touch ups, the process can take up to a year or more on a custom build.  Luckily, there are some newer building technologies that are helping to expedite the new home schedule.  Manufactured cabinets and pre-finished flooring are a couple of the obvious products being built and finished offsite.  But let’s take a look at a few of the lesser known manufactured products that help to shrink build times while maintaining quality.

Wall Panels

The photo above shows a recent delivery of manufactured wall panels to a new home job site.  These sections of wall were pre-built in a factory prior to shipping them out on a flatbed truck.  Not only does this shave time off the build schedule, but it can also improve quality because the walls are built in a controlled environment to exact standards.

Roof Trusses

Many of the same companies that build wall panels also design and build roof trusses.  The typical new roof framing system can be built in a single day with roof trusses.  This saves up to a week in the schedule for homes with more complicated roof structures.  This reduced erection time helps get the home dried-in quicker (roof on), which helps eliminate problems caused by excess moisture.  One additional benefit of roof trusses are the increased spans that help remove interior support walls and open up new homes.

Stairs and Rails

It’s become common for the staircases in new homes to be built offsite in a controlled environment.  Not only does this save the carpenter time on site, but it also improves quality.  With special fasteners and glue spread in exacting amounts, these components have contributed to a quieter home with fewer squeaks.  And when it comes to complicated winding stairs and curved rails, construction that would have taken weeks on site can now be completed in a day in many cases.

New Home Schedule

One of the big benefits of an expedited new home schedule is the reduction in overhead costs.  By reducing the days required to go from digging the hole for the foundation to move-in, we can reduce the extra costs for…

  • Construction Loan Interest Carry
  • Insurance Coverage (general liability, builder’s risk,…etc.)
  • Temporary Housing and Storage
  • Utilities
  • Portable Toilets

For more information on how to expedite the new home schedule from start to finish, check out the Armchair Builder New Home Schedule Resource.


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