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Build Your Own Home as a Team

Still think you might want to build your own home but aren’t sure it’s possible? Our latest successful owner-builder story comes from Hyrum, Utah.  Here’s a quick article showcasing ten couples that took the plunge and built their own new homes from the ground up.  One important thing to note here is that anytime you can find a friend or multiple friends who want to build a home nearby, you can improve your ability to bargain with landowners, suppliers and trades people. Why?  The bigger the project value, the more negotiating room you will have as the owner-builder.  Whether packaging a couple lots together for purchase or buying two full home lumber packages at a time, there is value in “more” when it comes to negotiating.

The most important item in the article is that there are resources out there for owner-builders who want to build a new home, get exactly what they want, and save big money.   This group spent 35 hours a week working on the homes.  However, this type of time commitment isn’t the only way to go.  Check out our digital resource, Building a Home: A Step by- tep Guide, available at our e-store for some other methods for building your own home with a smaller weekly time commitment.

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