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California Easing Regulations for Owner-Builders

Estimating Cost to Build a home

One of the biggest benefits of building your own home as an owner-builder is the savings that can be realized.  Owner-builders willing to manage the process themselves can save 25 percent or more on their new home.  But these savings sometimes come with headaches from extensive building regulations that can be costly and confusing. For this reason, a town in California is looking to extend a helping hand to owner-builders in rural areas by relaxing the building requirements with something called Title 25.  According to Nancy Springer, Building Division Manager at Butte County, “Title 25 eliminates certain building requirements that are seen as barriers for rural residents.”  She goes on to explain that current building regulations limit a permit to one year where Title 25 extends the build time to three years.  Title 25 also allows folks to live in a finished part of the home before the whole project is complete.

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