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Melted Siding: A Reader Question

August 15, 2019

We’ve gotten a lot of questions regarding the window reflections that are continuing to melt vinyl siding.  Here is a question that came in today along with the Armchair Builder response.

I just saw your post today about low e windows and melted siding. I live in southwest Michigan and own a newly built 3 year old home that I purchased in August 2016. I am currently involved with my builder trying to get my siding issue addressed. The siding on the northeast side of my home started melting/warping/blistering not even 6 months after I moved in. The builder replaced it last year after some back and forth, and it has done the same thing again but worse this year- exact same pattern and time frame from the time it was repaired to when it started deforming again. 

The builder says it’s my responsibility to fix. Siding says it’s not their problem, windows say it’s not theirs and builders, it’s not theirs which leaves me stuck as a homeowner which I do not agree with in the least. No disclosure was ever given to this issue that my neighbor’s or my windows could cause this to happen. No one I talk to has ever heard of it. 

I saw your video and the question you posed at the end as to who is responsible. I am not sure of the answer to that question other than NOT the customer. How can I “fix” my problem by having my neighbor have to cover her windows or replace her windows? Seems the builder bears the responsibility. This is a very big deal; it impacts lots of homes- our neighborhood homes are very close together. Energy efficiency is one thing- this is another huge catastrophe of an issue for the homeowner.

Thank you for posting your video. 

Armchair Builder Response

Hi Heather.  Sorry to hear you are having to deal with the window reflection issue that seems to get more and more prevalent each day.  Since you are not having any luck with the builder…one thing you might try is to contact your homeowner’s insurance provider.  It does no good to replace the siding without something being done to stop the reflection of the neighbor’s windows.  I’ve heard from others that home insurance adjusters will not only pay to repair your home, but will also work with the next door neighbor (or their home insurance company) to remedy the situation.

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