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Reader Question: How to connect exterior drain tile to sump crock?

October 9, 2019

We had a question come in this week regarding one of our drain tile videos.  The question was: “How do you connect the exterior drain tile around the foundation to the sump crock in the interior of the basement?”So it’s pretty common to run drain tile around the foundation of today’s new homes.  It’s basically a 4″ diameter pipe surrounded by #57 stone and maybe some form of filter fabric around the pipe or around the stone surrounding the pipe.  This keeps silt (small dirt particles) from getting down into the pipe and clogging it over time.  The pipe sits below the top of the footing so it can collect the water prior to reaching the top of the footing.  So back to the question.  How do we get this pipe into the basement from the exterior?  Most builders connect the exterior drain tile to the interior of the basement and crock through one of two methods.  The first method, shown in this picture, shows the footing left open under the foundation wall for a 6″ length.  So basically the foundation wall spans over a 6″ gap in the footing that allows the drain tile pipe to be run under the wall and connected to the sump crock.

The other method for connecting the exterior drain tile pipe to the interior of the basement is through a sleeve.  The footing contractor will install a 6″ diameter pipe through the footing when forming up the walls.  The key to this method is to make sure no concrete gets into the pipe.

So there you have it.  Feel free to shoot any questions you have regarding new homes or the building process to  We try to answer all questions that come in.  

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