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Cost to Build a House in 2020

March 24, 2020

If you are looking for the cost to build a house in 2020, you’ve probably found it difficult to find accurate information. Most of the data focuses on averages and median pricing across the U.S. or across regions of the country. Unfortunately, these numbers may or may not be accurate for your circumstances. So what’s the best way to determine the cost to build a house in 2020? There’s no better way to get an accurate glimpse into the cost to build than to look at a home that was just built.

We just finished building the Open Book Build and are here to share all the details with you. We recently published video, Cost to Build a House in 2020. In it you’ll learn the costs we encountered with our new home build that finished up in early 2020. You will also get an idea of how your local costs might differ from our experience. We finish the video by giving you the option to obtain the cost adjustment required for your location in the U.S. or Canada at no cost to you.

So check out our Cost to Build a House in 2020 video to get a better understand on the market conditions right now.

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