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Remodel Shower

Shower Remodel with Glass Tile

We would like to introduce you to a new shower remodel video series we will be publishing over the next week or two.  We will be introducing you to some great new products that you probably have never heard of.  We will also share with you some great quality tips to avoid extra hassles and costs while creating your dream bathroom.

New Shower Remodel Products

So, what kinds of cool products did we come across to include in our latest shower remodel project?

  • Mortar Thinset Replacement.  Have you ever worked with a mortar adhesive to set wall or floor tile?  It can get messy at times.  The other issue you can have with traditional tile adhesive is the quick setup time.  You mix a little of the mortar and in no time it gets too thick to use.  The product we found comes in a roll, applies like wallpaper, and can be grouted the same day you set tile.  We can’t wait for you to see it.
  • An Affordable Frameless Shower Door?  Have you ever stayed at a fancy hotel and wished you could recreate the quality, custom look of a frameless, glass shower enclosure?  We searched long and hard to find an affordable option to create a similar custom look.  Well, we found it and want to share it with you.
  • Bamboo Glass Tiles Paired with Subway Tiles?  It can be hard to find affordable tile that looks good.  We found a stone subway tile with at polished finish and a high end look for our new shower.  The subway tile would have been fine all on its own, but we found a thin, bamboo glass tile to use as an accent to give it more pop!  We also plan to use the glass tile as a frame for our new mirror…more about that later.

Remodel Shower

Builder Tips for a Hassle Free Shower

Have you ever had a shower that leaks?  Or maybe you have a shower that has a couple tiles that are cracking or falling off repeatedly.  In this video series, we will share with you some builder quality tips for creating a hassle free shower.  We will go through the keys items that will keep your future maintenance and repairs to a minimum including…

  • Cement Backer Board.  We will discuss when to use a backer board and how to properly install it.
  • Flat Surfaces.  How can you ensure the flat areas in your tub or shower surround don’t leak.  We will show you some builder tips for draining the water off of these areas.
  • Waterproofing.  We will share with you the roll adhesive product mentioned above that will also provide a water-tight backer to prevent deterioration and mold.  We will also discuss the proper caulk to use for maximum effectiveness and to minimize maintenance.
  • Design.  We will discuss the design of your shower and how it affects the overall ability to manage the water and moisture.
We can’t wait to share our new shower remodel with you.  But first, check out our video introduction below.

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