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The Armchair Builder Sale Continues!

Sale at Armchair Builder

For those of you that noticed…we do have a calender.  And yes, the September sale has been extended due to popular demand.  Our offer for The Complete Armchair Builder Product Package at 50% off  is going strong for the next few days.  This package contains each and every one of the Armchair Builder products to help you save money and build a quality project.  What does this package include and why is it special?

Save Money

You can save some big money when you take control of your own building, remodeling and repair projects.  But you can’t do it all by yourself.  We’ve created these resources to arm you with the same tools that the best professional builders use.  Many of the items in this package can’t be found anywhere else.  Seriously, we have had builders purchase from us to streamline their business and save money.  But how can this package save you money?

Bid Sheets – These were created after building hundreds of homes and realizing how difficult it was to compare bids.  Each company wanting to do work for you will submit a proposal with a price.  Typically, all you get is a brief description of the work to be performed and a dollar amount.  How do you know what you are getting and how do you compare one company to the next?  Do you base your decision on how the person looks?  Maybe you like how clean and nice their truck is?  Obviously these are not the best way to choose companies to work on your home.  You want to be able to compare the details from each bid to quickly determine who has the best price.  Remember, you have all kinds of things to evaluate besides price…you can’t spend too much time on this aspect alone.  Our one-of-a-kind bid sheets will help you blast through the bids to quickly understand the pricing.  Want more info?  Check out this video.

Whether you are replacing a roof, finishing a basement, or adding onto your home, these sheets will help you save money.

What will you build?

Scopes of Work and Specifications – These help prevent communication issues and quality problems.  Did you expect the roofer to haul away the old roof material?  Uhhh, it’s still there in a pile and he’s long gone.  The Scopes of Work and Specifications help define what is to be done and how it will be accomplished.  You attach these to the bid sheet and give it to each subcontractor when pricing out your repair or building project.  That way, you know the price they gave you includes the work and products you expect.  Want more info about The Scopes of Work and Specifications?  Check out this video.

The Builder’s Daily Construction Guide – What if the pilot on your plane decided not to use the traditional checklist…after all, he could do this in his sleep.  Hmmmmm…maybe you should take the next plane.  Having a checklist that reminds you of the phone calls and quality checks to make helps you make sure a quality project is built on time.  Why wing-it when there is a perfectly good checklist available created from the experience of building hundreds of homes?  The stakes are too high to miss something when building or remodeling a home.

Let’s say your stakes are in marking the foundation location for your future dream home.  Did you call the excavation company yesterday to make sure they would be here today?  How about the soils engineer…did you call her to make sure she is coming out to check the soil after digging is complete?  Did you check the weather to make sure no rain was in the forecast?  These are some examples of the items in The Builder’s Daily Construction Guide.  If you want more info on this guide, check out this video.

These are just a few of the items in The Complete Armchair Builder Product Package.  We are offering this great package for a limited time for 50% off.  Why?  Because we can.  And if you buy them and have a question, you are an email away to your answer.  We want these tools to work for you so you can save big money on your home building, remodeling and repair projects.  It’s that simple.

Check out our ESTORE for more info on these great products.  What will you build?  A mancave?  Your dream home?  Let’s go build something!

Michael Luckado has  built, remodeled and repaired thousands of homes across the U.S.  He co-founded to help you save money and hassles on your building and repair projects.

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