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Did you know we send out a monthly email filled with builder tips and secrets to help with your building projects?  We do this for free…not because we want your email so we can send you spam, but because we want to share our best stuff.  That’s right.  We add new videos, articles, blog posts, coupon codes, and digital resources almost every day at our blog and

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Monthly Builder Secrets

We hate spam as much as you.  But our once-a-month Monthly Builder Secrets email is just that…once every 30 days.  That’s it.  We promise we won’t share you email address with anyone else and if you decide that it’s not for you, just hit the Unsubscribe Instantly button and you will be automatically removed from the distribution list…no questions asked.  There’s no time delay or runaround.  That’s how we roll.

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Here are the top Six reasons why you should signup today…

  1. We share tips and secrets from the building industry that are found nowhere else
  2. It’s free
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  4. Coupon Codes to save:  We have some new relationships that can save you big money…Home Depot is one of them
  5. Our industry is full of bad info…we take pride in looking out for you
  6. Save big money with our professional tips and secrets

What’s it Look Like?

So what does the February Monthly Builder Secrets look like?  Take a look here at the online version.

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