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Vinyl Siding Repair: What to do When They Don’t Match!

Photo by Alside

Photo by Alside

Vinyl Siding Repair

For as long as I can remember, vinyl siding has been the exterior cladding of choice for both homeowners and builders across the U.S.  The product is affordable, durable, and easy to install;  all major contributing factors to its success.  One of the few drawbacks to vinyl siding is the fading that occurs after being installed.  Once your siding has been up for a year or two, any repairs required due to damage will not match the existing siding.  This can leave you with a checker board pattern on your dream home.  What can you do as a homeowner to ensure your vinyl siding repair is unrecognizable?

Whether your siding is damaged from a weed wacker, golf ball or hail, you can replace it without people noticing.  You basically have five options available to you for for your vinyl siding repair.  Obviously the most expensive option is to replace all of your existing siding.  Maybe your siding has been up for years and you are ready for a new style anyway.  This is really the only situation where total replacement makes sense.  At $2 to $3 per square foot to remove and replace, the costs will add up.

Your next option is to replace the pieces of siding that are damaged and then paint all of the siding.  This will probably be less expensive than replacing all of the siding but still will run into the thousands of dollars.

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Another method is to replace all of the siding within the given plane of the damaged area.  For example, let’s say one of the gables on the front of your home has a couple damaged pieces.  You can replace the entire gable and it won’t be as noticeable as if you replaced just the bad pieces.  This can also get expensive if the damage is in a large area and you only have a piece or two to replace.  Before doing this, I would hold a piece of the new siding up to the existing to see how the new gable will look compared to the rest of the home.

Lowest Cost Vinyl Siding Repair

One of my favorite low cost option for vinyl siding repair is to pull off a good piece of existing siding from an inconspicuous area to replace a damaged piece on the front of the house.  This might be a piece from behind the garage or from the chimney in the backyard.  Of course, you will need to replace this piece with a new piece that will not match…but that’s why you take it from the inconspicuous area.

Best Quality Option for Vinyl Siding Repair

The final option, and probably the best in my opinion, is to remove an entire plane of siding from an inconspicuous area on your home.  Use the pieces you take down to replace the damaged pieces on the front of your home. Now replace the inconspicuous plane with new siding.  The insurance companies I have worked with have been open to this type of repair.  As long as you are reasonable, they typically will work with you.

Vinyl siding repair can be inexpensive if you make use of your existing siding.

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