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Owner Builder Success regularly shares builder tips and secrets for those that want to take on the general contractor role for their own new home. Today we want to share with you some owner builder success stories to show how real people are making their dream a reality. So if you are one of those people that don’t think it’s possible for regular folks to take on such a complicated project, you’ll want to keep reading.

Owner Builder #1:  3000 Sq. Ft. Custom

Mike and Melinda were given a vacant lot as a wedding gift.  So what did they decide to do with it?  They thought about hiring a custom builder to create their dream home but instead, they built the home themselves.  They chose to do some of the work themselves, when they had the extra time and desire, and contracted out the rest to local trade companies.  How did they do this without having a background in construction?  They used a local home builder that works with owner builders to give them guidance when needed.  So was the project successful?  Not only did they get a gorgeous 3000 square foot custom home, they also saved a bunch of money in the process.  Just how much did they save?  The home cost approximately $200k and local realtors have told them they could get $500k for the finished product!

Owner Builder #2:  Million Dollar Home

Evelyn Sorenson is another successful owner builder who decided to take matters into her own hands to achieve her dream home.  She did all the bidding and contracting herself, without her husbands help, and created an amazing 15,000 square foot custom home for just over a million bucks.  Was it a successful project?  You bet it was.  Realtors have told Evelyn she should be able to get $2 million for the home.

These are a couple examples of some really elaborate owner builder homes.  But remember, the process works for simple, modest homes as well.  So whatever you want, you can create as an owner builder when you build your own home.

The video below showcasing these custom owner built homes comes from Fox News in Houston.

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