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If you’ve spent any time at Armchair Builder, you know our goal is to help owner builders any way we can.  From how-to video and articles, to downloadable digital resources, we offer tools for the owner builder to save money while creating the home of their dreams.  Frequently we are asked to provide suggestions for finding owner builder construction loans, builder consultants, house plan providers, trade contractors…etc.  This page will be a work in progress to provide a list of possible companies along with their contact information.  In other words, we will continue to grow this list as we find more companies that offer owner builder help.

Help for the Owner Builder

If you know of a specific company that provides a quality service to owner builders that should be listed here, please contact us.   Be sure to thoroughly check out any company you choose to work with, including those listed here and read our disclaimer at the bottom of the page before contacting any of these companies.

Builder Consultant

Build a Home LLC, Offering construction consultation, financing, and architectural services in Western Pennsylvania, 724-934-7500,,

Owner Builder Center, Offering builder consultant services, classes and loans for those wanting to build their own home,, 916-961-2453, Sacramento, CA,

Owner Builder Network, Providing builder consulting services and financing to owner builders in Houston, Dallas-Ft. Worth, San Antonio, & Victoria, Texas,

Cost Estimating

Home-Cost, Inc., Providing online software to allow owner builders to create house cost estimates using specific project criteria, 1-800-646-0350,

House Plans

America’s Best House Plans, Inc., Providing house plans along with the option to have modifications made, 1-888-501-PLAN,

How-To Videos & Articles, Providing video, articles and downloadable digital resources for the owner builder,,


Contractors Capital Corporation, Providing owner builder loans in Wisconsin and Minnesota, 615-289-6400,,

First National Bank Alaska, Providing construction loans to owner builders in Alaska, 1-800-856-4362,,

Owner Builder Loans, LLC, Providing construction loans to owner builders in the following states:  Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Rhode Island, Texas, Utah, Virginia, 1-800-543-5600,,,

Disclaimer:  This list is provided as a courtesy to give owner builders a starting point for finding help to build their dream home.  As always, we strongly suggest you do proper due diligence before working with any company, including those listed here. and R.Wave Partners LLC is not providing an endorsement of any kind for the companies listed.  And because these companies are third parties, we do not control the quality of materials or services provided by them.  If you choose to use any of these companies you agree to hold, R. Wave Partners LLC, and it’s contributors and officers, harmless for any problems that may occur.

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