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How Do I Cover Clear Glass Cabinet Doors?





Those clear glass cabinet doors sounded like such a good idea when you were planning your new dream kitchen.  You had seen them in high-end kitchens in magazines highlighting the home’s classy china or crystal.  But in reality, your kitchen cabinets typically hold everyday items like plastic tumblers from your last vacation to Florida.  So how do I cover clear glass cabinet doors to hide those functional items?


One obvious option for keeping those ugly items from shining through is to replace the glass.  Many different types of obscure glass are available from rain drop patterns to a crackled glass finish.  The only problem with replacing your existing glass is that it can get expensive.  And who wants to throw away perfectly good glass doors anyway?

A better option is to cover the glass from the inside of the cabinet.  Privacy films are available that can obscure the glass.  But these can be tricky to install.  If you don’t take the time to follow all the manufacturer directions, you may end up with air bubbles or worse, a product that doesn’t stay put.  Typical installation requires a small squeege, spray bottle, sharp utility knife and lots of patience.  Once you buy all the needed tools and the product, this option can get a little pricey.

Before writing this post I googled, how do I cover clear glass cabinet doors, and found some ideas that in my opinion, aren’t even worth writing here.  But since you need to know all your options, I’ll just mention that they involve wall paper, fabric…etc.  In some rare cases, these might look OK, but I prefer a more professional looking end product.

How Do I Cover Clear Glass Cabinet Doors?

A builder trick for obscuring clear glass cabinet doors is to use plastic lens panels.  So what are plastic lens panels?  These are the 2′ x 4′ pieces of plastic that come in different patterns used in drop (a.k.a. suspended) ceilings in basements or commercial applications.  These are really inexpensive and are easy to install on the inside surface of your current clear glass cabinet doors.  In the video below, we used panels that cost less than $7 that covered two cabinet doors.  So for $3.50 and some time, we were able to cover up the messy, junky items in our cabinets.  Check out the latest Armchair Builder video below for detailed instructions and a possible answer to your question, “How do I cover clear glass cabinet doors?”

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