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If you’ve spent any time at, you know that we are constantly adding resources to help you build your own home.  We regularly add new videos, articles and digital resources to level the playing field for those that want to take on the general contractor role.  And if you’re new to our site, you may want to take a trip over to our Build Your Own Home resources page where you will find all sorts of free tools to help you get started.

But for those of you that are ready to tackle the new home, be sure to check out our newest e-Book, Building a Home:  A Step by Step Guide.  It takes you through the complete building process from planning all the way through to move in.  And although it was written by a builder, it avoids, whenever possible, jargon that does nothing but confuse.  All of the digital resources offered at the e-Store are in pdf, so they are immediately available for download.  If you would rather have something formatted for your mobile device, check out the e-book at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

e-Book Contents

So what makes Building a Home, A Step by Step Guide special?  Of course there are many books out to help you build your own home.  But be sure to look at the details.  Here are some things to consider…

  • How Old is the book?  Even though the nuts and bolts of home building is still the same after many years, there are major differences in term of products, resources, and technology.
  • Who wrote it?  Too many books for helping you build your own home are written by anyone but a builder.  This is going to lead to information that is too generic for you to actually use.
  • Thinking of Building it Yourself?  Several of the building books out on the market today are about building in general.  This book is specific to those that want to manage the process themselves.

Here are the details for Building a Home, A Step by Step Guide:

  • 273 Pages
  • 53 Steps
  • 51,112 Words
  • 105 Photos and Illustrations

Are you already building your own home and looking for some specific answers to your home building questions?  Stop by our contact page to get in touch with us.  We’re happy to answer questions for owner builders whenever we can.  Good luck with your project!  And remember, you can build your own home with a little help.

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