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Can You be Too Old to Build Your Own Home?

DIY home BuildingBeginning a project to build your own home is a major undertaking.  It’s one of those things in life that is difficult, but can be extremely rewarding.  Here at Armchair Builder we’ve talked about what qualifications you need to take on your new home building project as the general contractor.  But we haven’t ever touched on age restrictions.  Can you be too old to take on this project?  Not according to Frank and Edwina Davies.

After being married for 45 years, this retired couple finally were able to create their dream home.  The couple has moved several times trying to find the ideal home without much luck.  When the opportunity presented itself  and they found the perfect lot in a great community…they jumped on it.

So the answer is no…you are never too old to build your own home.  To read more about this couple and their new European home building experience, check out this article from selfbuilder.

Want more details about the process to build your own home?  Check out these videos…

Build Your Own Home:  Discusses why you would take on this project and touches on the frequently asked questions

How Much To Spend:  Here we talk about determining a budget and loan amount for your new project

Choosing a Lot or Land:   There are some fantastic bargains in land right now…it’s the Buffet principle:  buy when nobody else is.  Here we talk about what to look for in a property.

House Plans:  Here we review your options when in comes to creating your architectural plans for your dream home.  We also review the importance of the lot/plan relationship.

Estimating Costs:  As builders, we are frequently asked…”How much will this home cost to build?”  In this video, we talk about how you can come up with a rough cost to build your new home.  A rough estimate is one of the first steps before buying a lot or plan.

We have a whole library full of articles and videos to help you build your own home.  Check them out under the resources tab at our main site under, Build Your Own Home.  And don’t miss the sale we have going on for the rest of this month…50% the Complete Armchair Builder Project Package.  Check out all the great money saving items included here.  You may also want to check one of our more popular YouTube videos, What Qualifications Do I Need to Build My Own Home.

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